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Alignment stick can fix your steep swing

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Alignment stick can fix your steep swing

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With the golf swing, the smallest thing can make it go very very badly. One of the biggest issues is coming over the top with high handicapper golfers. When this happens your divots are, for a righty, pointing to the left and your ball is slicing badly. Vice versa for lefties. This is frustrating because although your divot is bad the ball starts at the target, but then starts to slice.

Here is a very simple and cheap way to fix this.

You don’t need a lesson, you don’t need a PGA teacher for this one. Go to your local golf store and buy an alignment stick. Alignment sticks are more than just a decoration in your bag, believe it or not they come in handy.

When you get to the range, stick the alignment stick into the ground at a 45. Place the ball under the stick so you have to sweep under the stick as you swing. Make sure the stick isn’t too vertical and not too laid out.

When you are swinging, think about solid contact with the ball, and steering clear of the stick all the way through your swing. What this does is makes you focus on dipping your back shoulder and getting your club on the right plane. This will create and nice straight divot, unlike that nasty left one you have been trying to piece meal for the past couple months.

Now you have hit a bucket, you obviously can’t take this stick onto the course, but through muscle memory, your swing will remember the stick being there and scare it into swinging too steep.

Practice makes perfect, so try getting to the range if you have this problem and fix that steep swing plane.

Thank me later.

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