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Targeting Your Golf Fitness Needs
Certified Golf Fitness Instructor | Certified Master Personal Trainer Certified Strength and Aquatic Conditioning
As a Health and Fitness Professional, Jodi's background includes over 25 years of demonstrated success within Health Care and Fitness facilities. As an Exercise Physiologist, she specializes in rehabilitation of Spine care and Orthopedic injuries. She is also a Tileist Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness Instructor, Certified Master Personal Trainer and Strength Conditioning Consultant.

Jodi has a reputation of instilling positive behavioral changes while educating clients in wellness. She has a passion for helping others target and achieve measurable fitness goals on and off the course. She attributes her success by identifying your physical abilities and allowing you to reach your goals specific to your needs. Eager to connect education and fitness into a career, she contributes her leadership skills to help educate the community by performing fitness educational lectures and workshops within Massachusetts.

Competed in NCAA Collegiate Athletics, Triathlons, Road Races, Semi-Pro Fast Pitch Softball, avid Golfer and Integrative Functional Personal Trainer specializing in core training and posture awareness.

Winter Fitness Center Hours:
Mon- 6am-5pm
Tuesday 6am-6pm
Wed-Saturday 6am-10pm

Fit To A Tee

Learn how to engage your core muscles properly with cutting edge exercises to help you gain distance on and off the fairway.

No one likes to change what feels right in their swing. If small physical changes in your fitness level can help decrease your risk of injury down the fairway, allow exercise and proper technique to enable you to play more holes without fatigue. You will have a new appreciation of how exercise can enhance your performance. From strength training and endurance to posture and flexibility. Jodi will combine exercise and golf specific routines to help produce a more efficient swing and have you on your way to the next tee!


“Jodi’s solid understanding of the golf swing and the human body are key factors to the program of exercises and stretches I work on. I’ve had a great golf season this year and I believe Jodi is a big part of that!”

“Through Jodi’s expert coaching I have been able to increase my flexibility, balance, and endurance during golf rounds. It is with her dedication to her clients that I have become a more consistent golfer”

“Having someone by your side, teaching and pushing you with encouragement is something you should do for yourself. Whether you are just starting out, or if you’ve hit a plateau, you need Jodi to shake up your workouts to see results!”

“Jodi’s training program has changed not only the ease to create power with my golf swing, but has changed my body, attitude, and self confidence as well! I highly recommend her training program.”

“Jodi is so professional and personable – she’s the best trainer… Thanks to Jodi, I haven’t felt this fit since basic military training – 43 years ago!”


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