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Golf Etiquette – “Don’ts” On the Course

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Golf Etiquette – “Don’ts” On the Course

You might be new to the game of golf, and if so, there are a lot of things that you should know about overall etiquette on the course. While the game of golf is fun and enjoyable, it is also a serious sport, and many take pride in improving their game. Here are a few “don’ts” for the next time you’re on the course. 

  • Don’t dress inappropriately. It is important that you dress appropriately and in golf-course attire. This means dressing conservatively, with men in tucked-in collared shirts and longer pants, and women in collared shirts and pants or golf skirts. Also, be sure to always wear close-toed shoes on the course, which is not only stylish, but safe as well!

  • Don’t drive your golf cart recklessly. When you’re driving your golf cart, be sure to drive at a safe speed, making sure that you are at or under the speed limit. Also, be sure to stay on the correct tracks. It is important that everyone on the course feels safe. 

  • Don’t distract other players. Respect your game and be sure to respect everyone else’s game. Allow players to focus on their overall strategy by staying quiet, turning your cell phone on silent, or off, and letting them concentrate. Know when and when it is not a good time to have conversation.   

  • Don’t make a scene. If the game does not go as you planned, do not make a scene on the course. No matter how angry or frustrated you may become due to a bad swing or round, be sure to not disrupt the overall atmosphere of the course.

  • Don’t forget about good sportsmanship. A very important part of golf etiquette is the sportsmanship. Don’t forget to shake hands at the end of the game and stay genuine with your opponents.



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