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Compress The Ball For Better Iron Shots

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Flush It Off The Fairway

Irons are arguably the toughest club to hit in the bag.

They are pretty small, the shafts are longer than a wedge and there isn’t much room for error.

Everyone knows with your driver you want to be on the upswing when you hit the ball, because of the small loft it helps get the ball in the air.

However, a lot of people have no clue where in the swing you should hit irons.

On the way down? Bottom of swing? On the way up?

“Well pros make divots so it must be after they hit the ball, so you hit it at the bottom.”

“Hit it on the way up, get the ball in the air!” Well, that’s wrong. 

Surprisingly, you want to hit the ball on the downswing. You want to compress the ball.

Here is a simple way of explaining it: 

On your downswing, you want to pinch the ball between your club face and the ground, so the ball wont go straight into the ground.


You want to hit the ball with your right palm facing the ground making the club pound down on the ball.

Once you hit the ball you it will explode off the club face and your club will continue down then up, actually creating the divot after you hit the ball.

Can you believe that? The divot is actually after you hit the ball, not before. Weird.

Once you start hitting your irons on the way down and compressing that little urethane ball with your metal club face, you will be hitting your irons higher and longer than you ever have.

Say goodbye to sweeping the ball off the ground and getting minimal distance and terrible trajectory.

Hit the ball like Dustin Johnson, work on compressing that thing and hit more greens in regulation.





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