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The Five Best Workouts For Golfers

Struggling to get distance?

It isn’t your swing or your ball, you got to get in the gym.

The big thing with golf exercising for golf, isn’t about doing huge weight. It has a lot to do with flexibility and core strength.

Here are the five best workouts for you to start doing, and you will be hitting 300 yard drives in no time.

Glute bridges: Lay flat on your back, with your feet on the ground and your knees pointing straight to the sky. Now squeeze your butt muscles and thrust your hips into the air.

  • How does this help? It is the same motion you do in your golf swing when you thrust your hips through the swing, towards the target. One of the most important parts to adding distance to your drives.
Glute Bridges

Medicine ball perpendicular wall throws: Grab a medicine ball that feels like a reasonable weight for your strength. Find a wall that will take the impact of a medicine ball being thrown, stay away from glass or sheetrock. Now you stand like you are addressing a golf ball, with the wall being your “Target”. Hold the ball out in front of you and activate your core muscles and turn and throw the ball against the wall. Switch sides and keep activating your core muscles. Also, make sure you catch the ball as it bounces off the wall.

  • How does this help? You are activating the same core muscles, hips and glutes that you would in your normal golf swing. Adding weight will increase your speed through the ball, making it go further.

Medicine ball core rotations: Along the same line as the workout above, this one is all about core and activating the muscles you use when you are on your downswing trying to crush the ball down the fairway. To perform this exercise you sit on the ground with a medicine ball and tuck your knees in the air so the only part of your body touching the ground is your butt. You then turn the medicine ball from side to side tapping it on the ground on either side of you, isolating your core.

  • How does this help? It works on building your ab and core muscles, helping you rotate your body as you swing your golf club. 
Core rotations

Cable wood chops: A personal favorite, this exercise mimics the golf swing, just adds weight to it. To perform go to a cable cage and attach a handle type piece to it. Put both hands on it, like a golf grip, and start up top of your swing and swing your hands across your body and down. While doing this you should be in golf posture and firing your hips through, simulating a golf swing.

  • How does this help? It builds the necessary core and shoulder muscles to hit the ball as far as Dustin Johnson.
Cable wood chops

Walking lunges: This is the simplest of exercises and you can do them virtually anywhere. To perform this, you simply walk in a straight line and with every step you lunge. If you want to amp up the intensity when you lunge out and then on your way up raise your knee that was behind you to your chest.

  • How does this help? For one it stretches out your hips. But most importantly it teaches you to push off the ground and create power through exploding off the ground. So when you are swinging you can generate power from your legs.
Walking lunges

Fitness was overlooked for many years in the game of golf. We saw guys like John Daly on the PGA Tour and figured golf was a game you could just kind of power through. But today with golfers like Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson, we realize how important fitness is.

Driving Irons May Be Making A Comeback

Benefits and drawbacks of Using a Driving Iron 

Slowly and slowly 5 woods are disappearing from golfers bags all around the world.


Hybrids have become so popular and much easier to hit, it makes the 5 wood a historical relic.

Another club that has been long out of a lot of people bags are driving irons.

Driving irons are beefed-up irons that are designed to hit the ball higher and farther than a standard 1, 2 or 3 iron, because of the low loft, normal 1, 2 or 3 irons are almost impossible to hit on the golf course.

Driving Iron
PING Driving Iron

But the driving iron deserves a place in your bag and may be making a comeback.


Because of its low trajectory it has many uses. When you play on really windy days, obviously you want to keep the ball low so using a driving iron off the tee is a great way to still get distance even with the wind. Drivers trajectory is so high the wind knocks them down.

The other perk of the driving iron is the roll you get with it on the fairways. With the benefit of low trajectory, a driving iron will run out a lot as well. If you struggle off the tee with shots that are less than driver but still a decent shot, the driving iron has your name on it. With the beefed-up back it makes it easy to hit when it is a little teed up.


The one flaw isn’t even in the club; it is the simple fact if you want to put a club in your bag strictly for driving, other than a driver. The problem is that the driving iron gets so much roll out it is almost useless as a second shot. If you are going for the green in two with this club you are going to have to play it so it lands on fairway and runs up onto green, which can be a tough shot for an amateur. The one use for a second shot is if you are playing a massive par five and you want to layup and the hole is so far out a reach a driving iron is still considered laying up. (But who lays up? Come on now)

If you’re someone who doesn’t have a club for those awkward tee shots we all face, a driving iron may be your saving grace.


Is It Wrong To Play Music On The Golf Course?

Quiet, Please? 

The development of Bluetooth has created the luxury of having a speaker virtually anywhere.

And anywhere includes on the golf course.

But old John Miller at your country club thinks it is completely ridiculous and against golf etiquette to do so.

So the question is, is it okay for millennials to play music on the course?

Yes, but there is a time and a place.

Bluetooth Speaker

There is a certain area of the course where it is cool. Don’t be the guy blasting music next to the starter booth while the group in front of you is teeing off. Anywhere near the clubhouse should really be a “no music” zone. Be respectful of the first tee box and 18th green.

Once you’re a little deeper into the course, turn it up and enjoy yourself. The big thing is just being aware of where you are. Obviously if you’re pulling up to the green blasting AC/DC and the group is on the next tee box, you may tick off old man Miller.

It really comes down to time and place. It is like talking in elementary school. Be respectful of your peers, wait till it is right and when you do it, do it respectfully. Music is becoming more and more of who we are as people. And with things like Spotify and Apple Music, you can access pretty much every song ever made.

The problem with that is song choice. The slim chance the groups around you can hear your music, you don’t want people to complain about the music.

So be smart about your music, the safest bet is always classic rock, country or todays hits. Eminem, Ludacris or Five Finger Death Punch probably aren’t the best artists to blast on the fairway.

Music is a great way of entertainment and to add some fun into your round. I mean even Jordan Spieth and his, now famous, spring break group was playing music when they hit the fairways on their vacation. So don’t be afraid to charge up your speaker for your next round and play some jams while you shoot in the 100’s.





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