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    Rules & Regulations

Club Reciprocity

CCNB does not have an official club reciprocity with any local or regional golf facilities. Please see the golf shop staff for further information. The staff will be happy to help you with your plans when possible. Reciprocity is a priviledge, not a right. Only the following members have any reciprocity privileges at CCNB: Full Golf, Family Golf, Intermediates, and Junior Intermediates. Requests MUST be submitted to the Golf Shop staff two days prior for any arrangements to be possible. The Golf Shop staff will NOT call any other area club for one day or same day requests.

Golf – Proper Attire

Proper attire is required at all times for all members, children of members, and their guests. Proper attire specifically excludes the wearing of denim jeans, short shorts, cut-offs, tennis shorts, halter tops, t-shirts, sweat pants, gym shorts, and any kind of cargo bottom. Each member is responsible for guests, and if he or she dresses improperly, the guest will be denied the priviledges of the club. Jeans of any type are not permitted on the golf course or practice areas at any time.

On The Golf Course

Men -Must wear either slacks, knickers, bermuda shorts and a sport shirt or a golf shirt. All shirts must be tucked in when play commences. No cargo shorts are allowed.

Women – Must wear either golf skirts, tailored slacks, knickers, or Bermuda shorts and a golf top. These rules apply to all areas of the golf course including practice areas. As fashions change so do the type of shorts that are allowed at CCNB.

All dress code decisions rest with the Golf Shop. Please respect these efforts to maintain proper standards on the course.

Guest Policy

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day guests may play anytime on Monday – Friday. On weekends and holidays a member bringing our 1 guest may play at anytime. If more than 1 guest with a member, they must play after 10am.

Guests and Socials may play at anytime before Memorial Day and after Labor Day.

Guests are restricted to six rounds per year

Cart Policy

Golf carts must remain 30 yards from all greens and tees at all times. Always keep carts on the cart path on hole #14 and all Par 3 holes. Observe all other cart signs and roped off areas. You must be 18 years old to rent, 16 years old to drive and only 2 players per cart.

Course Etiquette

To help keep your golf course in great condition please remember to do the following. All sand bunkers must be raked, fix all ball marks, and replace divots or please use the divot mix provided.

Misc. Items

The Country Club of New Bedford is not responsible for any items lost on the course, left behind in golf carts or misplaced by any member or guest. This includes: cell phones, GPS devices, golf clubs, towels, and headcovers, etc…

Pace Of Play

To help with pace of play, please follow some of these basic guidelines.

  1. Walk or ride directly to your golf ball
  2. Be ready to hit when it is your turn to play
  3. Tighten up on your pre-shot routine
  4. Cut down on excessive practice strokes
  5. Do not wait until it is your turn to putt before reading green
  6. Tee off promptly at each hole without undue delay or conversation
  7. Limit searching for a lost ball to 5 minutes
  8. Please keep pace with the group in front of you not concerned with the group behind
  9. When exiting a green always leave your bag, push cart, or cart toward next tee box