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Pro Clifton McDonald Shoots a 127 at U.S. Open Qualifier

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Pro Clifton McDonald Shoots a 127 at U.S. Open Qualifier

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Mcdonald misses cut by 55 strokes

The U.S. Open just passed, and many of you were probably thinking to yourself how cool it would be to play in the tournament.

Well, maybe after seeing how tough Erin Hills was, you may have second guessed that wish, but it would still be cool to play in a U.S. Open.

The problem? You aren’t good enough to qualify.

If you’re on the PGA Tour, you have a good chance of making it, but if you’re not, good luck.

Here is a little perspective:

At local qualifiers around the United States 8,979 people played and only 525 advanced.

So, you have to be pretty good to even get through the local qualifiers.

The local qualifier in Plymouth, Massachusetts was at Pinehills and the top scores were 70 and 72.

So your score has to be pretty low. You should be able to know, before blowing $175 bucks, if you even have a chance to proceed.

That’s where Clifton McDonald comes in. The man, the myth, the legend.

Playing to a 2.4 handicap, McDonald must have been hopeful to make the U.S. Open.

Well, after a 68 on the front which included a 14 on a par 5, his hopes may have been crushed.

Most people would withdraw or no card. Not him though.

He followed up that scorching 68 with a 59 on the back.

That included a rare bogey, three triple bogeys, and a whole lot of double bogeys. He went +29 on par 4’s for the day, not ideal.

That adds up to a 127, +55. Yikes.

You have to commend him for actually sticking it out and finishing. Grinder.

Social media comments relating to McDonald’s performance were both brutal and hilarious.

But I mean come on man, if you suck that bad, stay at the range for another 6-8 months. Pace of play must have been BRUTAL with him around.

I just feel bad for the legitimate golfers who were there. At least they got a good laugh.

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